Dr. Emil Kucera Translation Service

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The prices shown include one printed copy of the translation of the original document and/or a free electronic delivery. Translated documents are formatted to resemble the original as closely as possible. Electronic copy is available in several popular formats. If shipping or notarization is required, the shipping costs or fees charged by the Notary Public will be added to your bill.


All rates are negotiable

- based on the length and content of the original document. If I find the content interesting and the cause worthy, you can get a price break!

Basic rate is  $ 0.10 to 0.30 / word*, depending on complexity.

Minimum charge (for short documents) is $ 60.00
Volume discounts may apply, as follows:
 For documents longer than:

5,000 words

  5 %

10,000 words

 10 %

50,000 words

 15 %

100,000 words

 20 %

*Word count is always based on the English version of a translated document


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